CHARACTER CREATION with The Templeton Philharmonic (Saturday 3PM-6PM)

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CHARACTER CREATION with The Templeton Philharmonic (Saturday 3PM-6PM)


Learn movement and vocal techniques for creating unique and hilarious characters for the stage. Participants will develop wildly original scenes and receive guidance on how to write and create sketch comedy. 

Winners of “Best Duo” at the L.A. Comedy Festival, Gwynne Phillips and Briana Templeton write and perform original surreal sketch comedy often with a twist of poignant social commentary. Nominated for “Best Sketch Troupe 2014” at the Canadian Comedy Awards, you can see them on their new web series: “Womanish” on CBC Punchline! 

"... It was nice to let my inhibitions go and learn from others as they took risks as well. It was great!"

"The thought of performing sketch comedy prior to this workshop seemed daunting. After spending the day performing exercises and working on our own Sketch routine, I felt that I had a better understanding of the dynamics of Sketch Comedy."

WHEN: Saturday, Oct 22nd from 3PM - 6PM
WHERE: The Making-Box (205-40 Baker St)

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